Happy 2018: Resolutions, themes and hopes!

New Year's Eve and New Year's Day are some of my favorite holidays (though Halloween will always be my top love). I love the energy and passion the holiday brings out in the world. The idea of a clean slate and a reset can be a huge motivation for so many people, including me. 
I love to-do lists and resolutions so this day is all but made for me. But this year I am trying something a little different. Rather than setting a specific (and sometimes overwhelming) goal for the year, I'm choosing a theme for the year. 

To me, a theme for the year can be encompassed in a word, one thing to focus on building and creating in your life for the new year. For 2018 I've spent a lot of time debating on what word I should use. What theme should I be focusing on for the next 365 days? After a lot of debate, one word kept coming up over and over again. A glaring spot in my life that I needed. So my theme for 2018 is: 


It's not a super exciting or sext word. But it's a solid word building a support for the life around it. 2017 threw me for a rough ride, bucking me out of my habits and throwing me off schedule. I suddenly wasn't reading or writing, I couldn't keep track of when things were. I fell out of my maintence routines, simple things like doing laundry, washing the dishes, cleaning the litter box. 
Again it's not a big flashy idea for the new year, it's the quiet things that structure your life and build something new. They say that life is built on all the little things you do so this is my way of focusing on the little things and remembering that they make big changes. 

Here's to a happy, solid 2018! What are you hoping to get to this year?

Source: Photo by Will Langenberg on Unsplash