Nanowrimo Lessons

So Nanowrimo has officially been over for over a week. To everyone who reached 50,000 words, well done! To everyone who made an effort and wrote their heart out, awesome job! 

To me Nanowrimo has never been about the finish line. It's never about getting 50k in a month: it's about remembering that I can write every day and that there is a supportive community of writers out there.

So, to everyone who wrote for Nanowrimo, I hope you're still writing every day. I hope you remember the excitement of it, the thrill of coming up with something new to say every day, and that you remember the days you didn't want to write a thing but that you still put fingers to keyboard (or pen to paper or ya know... whatever you do to write!).

Remembering the times you wrote when you didn't want to, when you were tired or uninspired, are what is the most important thing to take from Nanowrimo. Writing isn't easy; it isn't a simple, easy task. It requires giving up time from other areas of your life, and putting it into stories, and words that you believe in day after day.

For me, Nanowrimo is about remembering that writing is work, not about sitting and waiting for the perfect time to write. If you don't make the time, you're never going to just find it hiding under the couch.

…unless of course you live above a time temporal anomaly and that sort of things hides under your couch.