Apps I Love

I just got home from an amazing time at Imaginarium where I had several conversations with writers and readers comparing their favorite apps to write with or just for general use. So I thought I’d share some of the apps I love!

Of the ones in here,  I use Index Card and Coffitivity the most. The others are cool, but they aren’t something I use on a regular basis.

 Index Card is amazing. It lets you create digital index cards to lay out your work however you want. You can shuffle them around, color code them and most importantly, sync with drop box and import them into Scrivener. Fair warning, this one is not free.

Coffitivty- Take a coffee shop with you!

Coffitivty is great! It lets you get the ambient noise of a coffee shop without the expense of buying coffee at these little shops. I use it all the time when I’m writing in public or just to block out some distracting noise.

I use the items in my document section regularly, but my favorite is Documents. It lets me sync with dropbox and edit my texts. I can create a new document and type my little heart away without having to have a connection to wi-fi.   

Last but not least is a to-do list app called Wunderlist. It lets me sort my to-do lists into easy to organize areas. I use it to track what I have to do at work, at home, and with writing. I even use it for long term goals, bucket list items, books, movies, and writing ideas. It syncs across multiple devices so I can add something at midnight on my phone and see it on my desktop in the morning.

So those are my favorite apps, what ones do you recommend?