Weekly Book Review: Bad Mojo by Shane Berryhill

So I’m starting to post a book review every Friday, so woohoo!

I really want to read more so this will hopefully keep me on target with getting lots of things read. We’re starting off with Bad Mojo, a book by a convention buddy of mine, Shane Berryhill. So without further ado, here’s your spoiler-free review!

Bad Mojo (Zora Banks Book 1) by Shane Berryhill

Chattanooga is its own character in this dark urban fantasy series featuring Ash Owens, a rough and tumble redneck with a monstrous side, and his partner Zora Banks, a Southern conjuring woman of incredible power. Spooks (supernatural creatures) roam about ‘Nooga, and Ash makes his living trying to keep some of them (and himself) in line. When Ash is hired on to find a politician’s missing wife, he stumbles into more problems then he expected especially after he finds out it’s not just spooks that act like monsters.

Ash has got one helluva personality and it’s clear from page one of Bad Mojo. He’s a smart-talking country boy struggling to come to turns with his own monsters and trying to make a living in the city he loves. Chattanooga really is a huge character in this novel and holds her own as Ash travels from top to bottom trying to unravel the mystery he finds himself in. There’s a lot of time spent developing the city of Chattanooga, the various underground circles run by the Vipers, and the Zombies, and even some more conjuring folk, and the mysterious In-Between.

Ash is a big act first think later kind of guy and it puts big strife between he and his partner Zora especially as the book progresses. The way the two partners want to handle this case causes a lot of chaos between them, and it’s fun to watch Ash try to dance around his problems only to cause bigger ones.

Occasionally some of the sections of dialogue run a little long because I want back to the action, but overall this is a really fun, quick ride along a supernatural world. The lingo used to describe the creatures, Spooks and Vipers, makes the take of vampires and zombies seem fresher and unique to Berryhill’s world.

A fun read for anyone who has a taste for a smartass Southern story, and wants to see a fresh take on urban fantasy.

You can buy Bad Mojo here.