Liebster Tag! 11 Questions and Random Fact about Yours Truly

The amazing Meghan nominated me for the Liebster award so now you get to learn all kinds of new things about me. exciting, yes?

  1. What was the WORST story you’ve ever written?  

    Oh god, so many.... Um... any first draft? There was a story I once wrote about a girl who grew a garden and then TWIST AT THE END. She's blind. It was awful. I was also 7.

  2. If you could cast anyone to be your favorite main character, who would you choose?  

    My instinct is Tom Hiddleston, but he's already Loki so that doesn't work out.......I really want to see Gina Torres as Wonder Woman!!

  3. If you could no longer write in your favorite genre, which genre would you switch to?  

    Romance easy. In fact I do write in it too so that doesn't really count... I write in a lot of genres already so this is a challenge. I suppose if I could no longer write genre fiction I'd switch to poetry again.

  4. Do you ever act out scenes to make sure you get them just right? 

    All the time. I regularly flail around my room trying to make sense of what my characters are doing.

  5. Have you ever been caught talking out loud to a character?  

    Absolutely. I mutter under my breath and tend to work in the living room so my roomies have often asked, "What are you doing?"

  6. Which character was the toughest for you to write and why?  

    I struggled with the creation of The Bone Queen character because it was the first time I really got to go on and write a full villain origin story. I wanted her to own her choice, not be brought into it because someone hurt her. I wanted her to have agency over her own life, and her decisions.

  7. What are your top five songs for you current book?  

    Well I actually have a playlist you can listen to for that.

    Blood and Bone from judyblackcloud on 8tracks Radio.

  8. What would you do if you could hang out with any of your characters?  

    I would totally hang out with Aramis, the Pulptress, and Jackson! They're entertaining. I bet Aramis could really help with my french langauge skulls too.

  9. Which non-standard word do you use most often?  

    Oh god, I'm so bad at this. I like using sounds as verbs so people 'THUNK' downwards.

  10. What is the weirdest thing you’ve had to research for a book?  

    So many options... I guess probably looking at how exactly Black Plague victim bodies were dealt with and studying that time period.

  11. Based on your search history, would you potentially be arrested? Oh yes.
  Alright so now we come to 11 facts about me.  
  1. Two cats have recently adopted me and turned my world upside down.
  2. I am a vegeterian and have been for almost as long as I have been eating.
  3. I LOVE video games and wrote my thesis about them.
  4. I've been going to conventions regularly for over 10 years.
  5. Welcome to NightVale is probably one of the best live shows I've ever seen.
  6. I use star stickers to mark my calendar with what I've done that day.
  7. I hate driving. I really want to live car free but my area isn't friendly to that lifestyle.
  8. I've only recently gotten into comic books and I'm in love with them.
  9. Cooking, baking and cleaning are how I procrastinate.
  10. I'm a morning person and would much rather get up early than sleep in.
  11. Dark chocolate is my true weakness.
I don't actually know a lot of people who blog so... here are the few I know. Sean Taylor M.B. Weston Selah Janel And anyone reading this who has a blog and wants to do this. YES YOU RIGHT THERE LOOKING AT THIS ON A SCREEN.   And my 11 questions for you:
  1. Plotter or Pantser? Why?
  2. Do you write every day or in one great marathon?
  3. What's the best writing advice you were given?
  4. What's the worst writing advice you've been given?
  5. Do you have a writing ritual? What's involved?
  6. Favorite author?
  7. Who is your favorite character from your own work?
  8. What's your next project?
  9. Favorite inspirational quote.
  10. Where do you do most of your writing? Why?
  11. What's your favorite recipe? (Seriously, I need some new ones)