Dear Future Me...


it's me, year younger you! 

I hope the year has been amazing and that you've learned a lot and done some wicked awesome things. This time last year, you'd just bought a condo and were sorting out that whole 'adulting' thing. I bet you're still figuring it out (I don't think anyone ever really totally figures it out). 

I hope this year you've written some amazing stories, finished writing a few novels, and spent a lot of time reading and snuggling with the cats. ( Please only have 2 cats still. At cat overload capacity already)

The new condo is still awesome I bet. Did you get everything painted or is the kitchen still that weird yellow? 

How was GenCon? I hope it's as awesome as it sounds and I hope that you're going to another cool convention this year too! 

Maybe you're going to the gym regularly now too? I mean there is one right across the street from the new place future self...

I know no matter what you've done a tone of things. A lot can change in a year and I can't wait to meet you in 2016!


Happy birthday!

2015 Andrea