10 Gift Suggestions for Writers

1. Gift card for your favorite bookstore

Writers love to read and visiting a local bookstore is a treat. Most have giftcards you can purchase and let the writer in your life choose their own book. 

2. The gift of time

Seriously, offering time to help out is amazing. A writer with kids? Offer to babysit and let them have a night to write? Offer to make dinner or help out around the house, or to listen to them try to sort out the latest plot problem. 

3. Writing Courses
There are great courses on Litreactor and Writer's Digest. Offer to pay for one class.

4. Headphones
Get a nice set of headphones or ear buds so they can drown out the world. 

5. Spotify Subscription
Making a playlist for your work in progress is awesome! With a paid spotify account you can download those albums and take them with you to listen to offline. 

6. A fancy notebook/pens
Almost all writers love notebooks and pens. Find some neat ones and share the paper good wealth. 

7. Pay for a conference visit/manuscript consult
Conferences are expensive, so are manusript consultations. Offer to pay for one and watch your writer stammer for the words to say thank you. 

8. External Hard Drive/ Drop Box paid trip
Backing up your work is vitally important. Having a steady external harddrive and a drop box with massive memory is a huge help. 

9. Adventure!
Pay for an adventure! Wheter its tickets to a theater show or a plane ticket across the sea, adventure breeds stories. 

10. The Storymatic
A fun set of cards filled with inspiration.