The Goals of Future You

Tis the season where every other word I see in my inbox is about setting goals and making big changes for 2017. And that's all well and fine. I actually love setting new years resolutions and have set rituals of spending the 1st of the new year setting out my goals and filling in my calendar. I enjoy it, and it gives me a rush. But a big part of that is on the simple idea that future me will be better than today me. 

I really think super highly of future me, the me of tomorrow doesn't splurge on that extra book or three, she doesn't eat entire pints of ice cream in one sitting and she always gets up early to workout, drink lemon water, and write before going to her job where she sails through the day with ease. Future me might be the best fantasy novel I've ever written. 

It's a well documented concept that we think our future selves will be better prepared to handle things, we procrastinate projects until the night before because we somehow think that we will wake up tomorrow with the willpower or skill set. But we don't. We go to bed and we wake as mostly the same person. Huge changes don't happen overnight, they happen one decision at a time done day by day.

It's an obvious thing. One everyone claims to know and understand. Of course you don't just wake up 50 pounds lighter (and if you do, go to the doctor asap cause that ain't right) and suddenly have a new life. We define ourselves. in the big moments that take our breath away but you are the result of the small, mundane choices you make every day. 

Does that mean I'm not going to set resolutions this year?

Uh no. I'm setting goals, marking down big resolutions and planning to generally continue kicking ass. This time, I'm just doing it with the knowledge that present me and future me are in this together.