What do I bring to conventions?

Getting ready for conventions is always a little hectic. There’s a panic of what to bring, what to pack and what to leave at home. So a few months back, I made a list to help me get my stuff together! I thought other people might find that helpful so I’m going to share it here! Let me know if there’s anything you bring that I’ve not listed here.


Foods (Protein bars, water flavor (I like the mio coffee ones for caffeine fixes on the cheap), fruit, sweets, crackers, shareables!) I try to always make sure I have some at least semi-healthy stuff and that I have enough to share with my fellow vendors.

Business cards, post cards for table

Table cloth and decor

Notebook, pen, pencils, post-it notes, white board markers (I keep a tiny white board on my table to mark what panels I’m on.)

External charger and charging cable

ipad (for newsletter signing up and as a back-up card reader)

Sewing kit (You never know when you may run into a cosplayer in need!)

Comfortable shoes. I usually wear heels at conventions but I change into comfortable shoes when at my table.

Ear buds. Sometimes I need to decompress so I keep ear buds so I can listen to a meditative app in the bathroom and find some calm.

Cash for change, square, plastic bags to give out.

Cough drops, Tylenol, band aids, tums, cough syrup.

Dolly to help load in and out books.

Jacket.  I’m always cold. Especially in the South in the summer. The air conditioning is turned to artic. Vendor halls also tend to either be really hot or really cold. There’s no in between.

Hand sanitizer!

Makeup, chapstick, hair stuff, tide pens.

MY BOOKS and book stands. 


Source: Photo by Brandi Redd on Unsplash