Happy Birthday 2017 Me!

If 2016 was any guide, then 2017 has probably one helluva ride already. Hopefully it's gone better than the dumpster that was 2016 but... who knows, right? Maybe this year has been amazing and magical and all that good stuff. 

I hope you've finished Death is a School Girl and are actually querying it by now. If not, what's up with that? We've been working on it for like 2 years, it's time to send it out into the world and stop fiddling with it. Seriously. Stop it. 

Is Mass Effect Andromeda as neat as it looks? I hope you've gotten to play it and find a space husband and/or wife to romance. There are so many exciting movies and tv shows coming out that you better be getting on that future self! American Gods is going to be real and I can't wait to watch it! 

Anyways, enough about pop culture things. I hope that you are continuing to write, dream and adventure. Every inch out of your comfort zone teaches you so much so please keep being brave, keep writing things that scare you and going to places on your own. I know it's intimidating but you can have adventures on your own.

I hope 2017 is awesome and that you're wildly succusful beyond our wildest dreams, but more than anything I hope you're feeling happier and more like yourself. Depression is a sucky thing and I'm super proud of you for being strong even when things got dark. 

So, 2017 me, here's to a year of adventure, wonder and bubble tea.

I'll see you in a year.