Making Sleep a Habit to Keep

Something I've been really struggling with has been getting a decent number of hours of sleep. It really sucks to get only 2-3 hours of deep sleep a night. It's really shown me how interconnected everything is and that bodies are dumb. After a few days of lack of sleep, everything starts to fall apart. I can't focus on anything, work, writing, making healthy food choices, remembering much of anything. I felt like I moved through a fog that kept everything fuzzy and out of focus like a bad camera that couldn't find anything to focus on. Major suckage. (Does anyone say suckage anymore? Don't care. Gonna say it anyways.) So I've started putting together a bad time routine and I thought I'd share that with you all. As always, this is what works for me and not a cure-all for all people. Alright, so here's the routine. 

1. I listen to binaurral beats for at least 10 minutes in my headphones. 
The binaurral beats rock and I have to give a huge shoutout to Delilah Dawson for introducing them to me (also her writing rocks and you should check it out). The headphones really help get wrapped up in the yummy sounds. 

2. While the sounds are playing, I do my night time hygiene stuffs. 
Brushing my teeth, going through a whole skincare routine. I also take my medicine around this time as well. Some nights I set out a diffuser with lavender oil but not every night. Only when I feel like being fancy. 

3. Journal. 
Physically writing out how my day went, what's on my mind and how I'm feeling helps me keep from ruminating about the day too much once I get into bed. 

4. Background noise.
I live in a condo with two other people so there are always noises going on. For background noise I usually set my binuarral beats to play for a full 8 hours, this helps block out the sounds of apartment-style living. 

5. Meditation. 

I love Buddifhy and I listen to the Fade meditation every night when I get into bed. It's the last thing I do. Now I don't magically doze off as soon as the meditation ends but it helps turn my thoughts down and calm things down in my brain. 

So that's my night time routine. it's helped me get closer to 5 or 6 hours of solid sleep a night. I'm slowly creeping back towards 8 hours a night, hooray! 

Source: Photo by Alexandru Zdrobău on Unsplash