Dear Future Me...


I'm writing this to you from 2014 and scheduling it to appear on your 2015 birthday, isn't technology great? 

Hopefully there hasn't been a tragic accident and you get to read this. If not, I love you everyone reading this. 

2014 was a great year, huh? But I'm willing to bet that by your 2015 birthday, things are even greater. 

I hope you're still writing and busting your butt to reach your dreams. Maybe you've landed an agent and a cool book deal by now, but if not, that's alright too. I just hope you're keeping at it and working hard. 

Are you still thinking about getting a pet? Maybe now's the time to just do it and get a furry little friend to have around to keep you company. I hope you're also doing better at taking care of yourself and not just eating mac and cheese all the time (though mac and cheese is awesome). 

Are you still planning to go to San Diego Comic Con? Have you bought a house? 

It's weird to think that so much can change in a year, but I bet a lot has shifted since 2014. You're another year older, (maybe) wiser, and another year closer to your goals! 

Here's to you kicking butt in the future!

Happy birthday! 

2014 Andrea